Enrich Your

Next Event with

Hat Moments

Fashioning Classical

Moments through the

History of Hats.™

Enrich Your Next Event

with Hat Moments!

Fashioning Classical Moments through the History of Hats.™


In 2011 Linda created and shipped a beautiful purple velour felt hat to First Lady Michelle Obama. She received a letter from President Barack Obama acknowledging the gift and thanking her. Several months later Linda was contacted by a consultant from the White House who had been hired to distribute some of the numerous gifts that the First Family receives. She was asked the value of the hat because it would be going to a merchandiser. He could not disclose to who, but he commented that her work was beautifully handcrafted.


• Linda has sold hats right off of her head a few times! Some women just “Have to have that hat!”
• For more than a year one of her designs was on display in the “Crowning Glories” exhibit at the Charles H. Wright of Museum of African American History.
• Interestingly, Linda has a little historical tie to Dr. Charles H. Wright. Dr. Wright was her mother’s OB-GYN, and delivered her brother. She recalls going on doctor visits with her mother at Dr. Wright’s practice on Boston Blvd. in Detroit.

Take a Historical Journey in Fashion

Hat Moments speaks about classical eras in fashion – specifically millinery. Our mission is to portray uncommon and engaging presentations that enhances knowledge.

If you are ready to enrich your next event by adding variety through a historical journey in fashion, come take a walk with Hat Moments!